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It's an eye opener session, learnt new way of trading rather than regular way. After failing multiple times with traditional way of trading, now i feel confident of making big in stock markets with Price Action Trading..
Uday Kumar
I can really say that price action is the only king in market and LPAT is really trying hard to make those concepts clearer to everyone and helping to ride with the trend and making ourselves as profitable as the big boys are.
Sandeep Gharage
The session has been amazing...Not only Price action is taught in depth, they actually teach psychology and a realistic one...I would recommend this program to everyone...Have faith and try once...
Mayank Bhatnagar


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Have you been burnt or lost money when trading/investing?
If you are new to trading or have tried learning trading and investments by watching YouTube videos or attending one-off webinar and applying those techniques, you have probably lost money.

Here are top 5 reasons why new traders often lose money:

What is Price Action Trading Strategy and why it is better than any other indicator?

Price Action Trading Strategy is a method of analyzing and making trading decisions solely based on the movements of an asset’s price on a chart. It disregards traditional indicators and focuses on patterns. This approach is often considered superior because it directly interprets market dynamics without relying on lagging indicators.

Imagine you’re a seasoned chef creating a dish from scratch. You carefully taste and adjust the ingredients as you cook, relying on your experience and senses. This is similar to price action trading. You observe the raw ingredients (price movements) on the stove (chart), understanding how they interact to create the final flavor (market direction)

On the other hand, think of using indicators like following a recipe blindly. You add ingredients at specific times, hoping they create the desired taste. However, the recipe might not account for individual preferences or the actual state of your dish. Similarly, indicators provide signals based on historical data, possibly missing real-time market nuances.

Price action trading, like the chef’s intuitive cooking, involves understanding the underlying market dynamics, identifying patterns, and reacting in real time. While indicators have their place, price action offers a more adaptable and immediate approach, often leading to more insightful and timely trading decisions.

When you complete the Price Action Foundation Masterclass you will have

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7-Step Price Action Trading Masterclass Modules
Developed by Ajit Mahuli, a seasoned and accomplished trader, renowned for his remarkable expertise and profound grasp of market dynamics; has developed an innovative trading methodology that centers around Price Action Trading, a strategy which delves into the meticulous analysis and interpretation of price movements on charts, free from the constraints of traditional technical indicators.
  • Introduction / Topics
  • Filled order vs unfilled orders
  • How do prices move
  • Supply & Demand Concept
  • Key Amateur mistakes
  • Buying & Selling zones
  • Candles sticks
  • Institutions Buy & Sell Zones
  • Steps to draw buy / Sell Zones
  • Proximal Line
  • Distal Line
  • Strategy application / Chart time frame/ trading purpose
  • Tata motors / Tata steel – chart analysis
  • Step 1 – Identify HTF Zones & Step 2 – Identify LTF Zones
  • Step 3 – Assess Trend in Intermetial Time Frame
  • Step 4: Decision Matrix
  • Decision Matrix: Practical examples
  • Step 5: Probability Enhancer Scoring
  • Step 6: Identify Stop Loss Entry Target Size (SETS)
  • SL Buffer Calculations
  • Position Size
  • Risk Management
  • Entry Type
  • Trade Management / Trade Journal
  • Risk Reward Calculation / Strike Rate Calculation
In this in-depth tutorial, we’ll take you on a step-by-step journey through the basics of using TradingView for effective zone marking and chart analysis. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this guide will equip you with the tools to analyse charts using trading view
Get Started with A Simple 7-Step Rule-based Strategy
LPAT – Price Action Trader Program is a comprehensive masterclass that imparts a rule-based price action strategy, allowing you to apply the methodology across various asset classes and timeframes.
Enroll for ₹2,499 ONLY – Valued at ₹11,800/-
Proven Strategy to Generate Consistent Profits

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Salaried Professionals
Individuals with regular jobs who are interested in building an additional source of income through trading and want to learn a reliable price action strategy.

Individuals who have retired and are looking for a stimulating and potentially profitable activity during their retirement years by learning price action trading.

Business Owners
Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to diversify their investment portfolio and gain insights into trading financial markets using price action analysis.

Technical Indicator Users
Traders who heavily rely on technical indicators and want to transition to a more price action-based approach for a deeper understanding of market movements.

Individuals who are new to trading or with some experience but struggling to find consistent success in their trades and seeking a systematic approach to improve their results.

Students/Housewives who want to learn a practical and systematic approach to trading as a potential source of income.


A Master Trader & Mentor with 7+ years of training experience & 15+ years of trading experience, LPAT Founder Ajit Mahuli has trained more than 10000+ students at a leading international trading institute. Ajit’s love for trading and teaching only grew over the years until he decided to form a community of traders who are likeminded and believe in keeping trading simple based on Price Action.

Ajit with the LPAT team by his side, is the ideal person to guide you to stock market success by teaching you how to invest/trade in the financial markets using a simple, rule-based strategy with the help of price action.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The program offers flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace. On average, students spend a few hours per week, but it can be adjusted to fit your schedule.
While prior trading knowledge can be beneficial, it is not a requirement. The program covers all necessary concepts to ensure a solid understanding of price action trading.
Yes, the program is designed to cater to traders of all levels, including beginners, providing a clear and simple approach to price action trading.
Yes, risk management is an essential component of the program, and you will learn effective strategies to protect your capital and manage your trades.
Yes, the program includes trading examples and case studies to illustrate how the price action strategy is applied in real-market scenarios.
Absolutely, the price action strategy is versatile and can be adapted to suit various trading styles, including day trading and long-term investing.
Modules include quizzes at the end of each module to gauge your understanding and track your progress.
The access will be valid for a period of 1-Year from the date of enrolment